In order to find out more about how your personal info is used by us, you'll want to read this page.

Personal information

When you place an order, we ask you to provide some crucial data like your contact details and billing info. You can rest assured that such data will be kept fully confidential. Only order-related processes involve its usage. The way we apply provided personal details never implies sharing it with any third parties for commercial purposes or promotional offers. The only appropriate way it is used is to inform our purchasers of any order-related matters or changes. There's a number of urgent situations that may require us to phone you. However, those are very rare scenarios whenever there's a need for further clarifications, or attached documents are damaged, and the like.

Info about visitors

The information regarding customer's operating system and browsing application becomes open to our company every time they enter our website. We gather that information to understand your needs better and enhance the web-site’s user-friendliness, but we by no means share it with any third parties for commercial or other purposes.

Browser Cookies

Marketing analysis through Google Analytics is one of the major reasons we collect and make use of your cookies. Any personal info cannot be viewed through internet cookies because only some non-essential details on the user's Internet browsing activity are stored there. Ultimately, we are given summarized cookie data analysis reports from Google to develop further.


One more important detail to cover is that we are not accountable for any content provided on external websites linked here. Our company constantly reviews and tweaks our Privacy Policy section. Check up on this policy page once in a while in order to be well-informed of any changes.