Why Does Writing a Political Science Essay Seem So Difficult?

When studying political science, students have to go through many types of checking their current knowledge and skills, including term papers, multiple-choice tests, project reports and so on. But for many students writing a political science essay is a real nightmare, regardless of whether they are asked to do it without leaving their classroom, or at home. Why is that so?

Many people consider political science such a vague subject that they just dont know where to start. Indeed, the science often deals with such broad questions that it is hard to focus on something specific and to catch an idea for further considering.

Besides, some students fail to understand the very essence of essays in general, and they feel even worse when it comes to politics essay writing in particular. "If I am asked to write an essay, does this mean that I should present my own ideas or I should put into writing those ideas we have learnt?" thats what they think.

And what is more, we all know something about structuring and argumentation, but often have quite sketchy notions about how to put these together. However, if you manage to brace yourself, you will be able to cope with the task.

Basics of Writing a Political Science Paper

Start with carefully reading the question assigned to you. Often, problem formulation seems obscure and thus looks scary, but you have only to think it over. What problem are you supposed to address? What is it really about? Keep in mind that your tutor will hardly offer you a topic that is outside curriculum boundaries. So, if an essay question looks unfamiliar, then maybe its just a new interpretation of what you have already learnt? Perhaps, your tutor just wants to make you think creatively, searching for new implications and unobvious aspects.

On the other hand, a question for writing a political science paper can contain a kind of hint. If it sounds like "The American Party System two or more?", then you have every reason to focus on minor parties instead of mumbling about the major ones.

When you are quite sure what to write about, it is time for specifying a couple of central statements you want to deliver and for selecting pieces of information to provide arguments in order to support the statements. The idea is to select only relevant information that helps you build strong arguments and address the question. Dont try to pack your essay with all kinds of junk just to show your tutor that you have read and learnt a lot. The only thing your tutor will figure out is that you are unable to adduce proper arguments. Is this what you want?

When writing a research paper in political science, it is important to have a clear idea of how you are going to present your thoughts. Dont skip outlining, since it does help a lot in structuring your work. And dont make things too complicated either let your essay plan consist of a couple of paragraphs:

  • a paragraph for introduction;
  • 3-4 paragraphs in the essay body;
  • a paragraph for a conclusion.

Dont let your thoughts ramble and your tutor is sure to appreciate this.

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