Money-Back guarantee

Undoubtedly, the most important goal of our work is to supply exceptional essay and other works to our buyers. We've always realised how significant it is for clients to know their rights and possibilities provided by our service, for this reason, we've written this article, namely our money-back guarantee. The acceptance of mutual obligations by clients and our team allows us to work with confidence, assisting you at the highest level.

Generally, our clients don’t use this option because of our excellent results that adhere to even really rigid deadlines. Revision option is also included in the list of the services we offer, which truly helps approach every case in a way that is the most suitable.

Money back guarantee means that a client can expect to get his or her money back in cases which are written down below. Make sure you pay attention to the fact that depending on the specifics of your order the refund can be full or partial.

100% refund

  1. Exactly the same order made twice
    In case of getting into such a situation, we recommend our clients to get ahold of our support department and inform us as soon as possible. Place the order carefully and don’t waste any time in case of a mistake because after the processing of your paper begins you can’t return the entire amount.
  2. A customer cancels their order before the writer is appointed
    This case is quite self-explanatory. Each client has a right to receive a full refund before the writer starts working on your order.
  3. Possible complications with finding an available expert for order processing
    The skillsets of our experts allow us to handle a vast range of order types, but sometimes, because of various unforeseen occasions or a really high workload, some of our highly competent writers can be not available.
  4. A bill settled twice
    We are very attentive to all the deals, but sometimes even this type of mistakes could be accidentally made. If you pay double price for one order, contact the support team immediately. We should stress that a full refund can be done only if you have saved the copies of receipt and can show them to us.

Partial refund

This kind of a refund can be fulfilled when your case is found equivalent to one of those explained down below:

  1. Missing the deadline
    We work with a great duty when it comes to meeting deadlines, but sometimes, which is extremely rare, there might be things beyond our control. A partial refund can be influenced by a number of factors. Hence, we discuss every particular question on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, issues with the delivery can be caused by the customer's actions or non-actions. For example, sometimes the writer does not get all the crucial materials from the customer in time, considering the fact that they are vital for proper order processing. It is clear that under these circumstances a refund would be impossible. Please don’t delay the sending of the required materials because this step is extremely important if you want us to complete your task properly.
  2. The author was appointed, but you decide to call off the order
    Since we need to pay for our writer’s work, you could be given a refund of up to 70%. Make sure to cancel your order when there is over fifty percent of the determined time left to the deadline. If not, you can get not more than a 50% refund.
  3. Issues after receiving a completed order
    You can contact us to report any complaints regarding the received work so that we can analyze them. Your refund will depend on whether your complaints are well-grounded and reasonable enough. However, such cases are very rare because we always try to meet all your needs.
  4. Found plagiarism ?
    Our primary objective while focusing on your orders is to use only on-topic and reliable information that would be unique and interesting. However, if you provide us with some proof that your paper turned out to be plagiarized, we will look into your situation and, based on the results, we will offer you a revision or partial refund.

No refund

  1. You hoped for a higher mark
    We always endeavor to do our utmost, but we can't ensure that the highest mark because it sometimes depends on your teacher's or professor's evaluation.
  2. You ordered formatting, proofreading or editing
    Whenever you order services mentioned previously, we can't modify the content. We're not accountable for any claims concerning the content.

Money-back process

Once you receive a confirmation of your refund, our service will satisfy it within five working days as from the confirmation date. Please, take into account that we can’t be held accountable for any potential problems caused by the third-party organizations managing your money transactions.

We offer our clients the refund option only in cases when its amount is larger than 10 USD; if not, it is just impossible on account of fees required for the money transaction. Additionally, we suggest you put the money on your personal account so that you could use it for potential orders.