To Buy or Not to Buy a Handout from Literature Review Writing Service

Yes, it is expected that any literature review writing service has incentives to attract new customers by telling them that they just need to turn to professionals instead of writing papers on their own. But is a service that is not afraid of encouraging its users, and we will be glad to contribute to your success. However, there are many occasions where ordering a paper is smarter than spending your time and effort, and for this reason we are always ready to offer our professional help with literature review and other types of academic writing. So, lets start sorting them out.

Literature Homework Help How a Review Is Different From a Research Paper

Some students really believe that a literature review is something like their own opinion on a text they read. Nothing of the kind, it's just the other way around, since writing a review you need to collect various points of view on a topic you choose. Here is a prompting scheme within our literature homework help:

  • first, you search literary sources discussing your topic;
  • then you read all the literature found and try to figure out what each authors point is;
  • then you analyze all the interpretations, considering their strengths and weaknesses;
  • then you summarize and synthesize them in order to create a well-structured overview;
  • in the end, you make a reasoned conclusion and, yes, you may give your own opinion on the topic, if you have one and if you can ground it.

To properly perform the task, you should think like this: Will it help to resolve some existing contradictions or to chalk out some prospects for further research, if I write my literature review this way? You should keep in mind that a good review is not just a summary of sources with their detailed description it should reveal connections between topics and ideas.

Is this the same as writing a literary research paper? Definitely, it is not, though these types of paper writing can be related. Indeed, when writing a research paper, you are usually required to provide a literature review. This is necessary for several reasons:

  • a comprehensive literature review shows that you are aware of what is going on in the field you are exploring;
  • it allows considering basic academic theories on your topic, defining their strengths and weaknesses while grounding the aim and importance of your research;
  • it also explains how your research corresponds to previous research in the field and gives you arguments for proving your point of view.

But a research paper is something more than just a review of sources since the goal of any research is to offer new arguments, interpretations, ways to solve the problem, etc. Novelty is the keystone of research, while literature reviews just link the ideas set forth in the past with a current situation and the future prospects.

About Writing a Literary Essay

Writing a literary essay turns out to be a different type of students homework. Usually, essays are relatively short, feature free composition and deliver personal impressions and thoughts about a particular topic, thus making no claims as to the exhaustive interpretation. Yes, this is just the type of paper writing that requires your own opinion, but it doesnt mean that you can present it without any argumentation. To put it correctly, you can express your point of view with little reason given, but this will be a bad essay. Though writing literature essays aims at developing such skills as independent creative thinking and ability to deliver thoughts clearly, it also requires some competence in the following aspects:

  • structuring information;
  • using the basic concepts of the field explored;
  • finding cause-and-effect links;
  • illustrating experience with relevant examples;
  • drawing well-argued conclusions.

As you can see, in spite of the differences in purposes, academic essays, reviews and researches are based on many common skills.

Here you can ask: Is there any scheme helping me write my literature essay? If you are not very good at academic writing, use the simple scheme:

  • Introduction (you need to define a problem, specifying which questions you are trying to answer)
  • Statement (present one of your ideas or impressions inspired by the topic)
  • Argumentation (give facts, social life phenomena, events, life experience, scientific evidence, references, explaining why you feel or think so)
  • Conclusion (give a summary supporting your basic idea)

Obviously, you can present any number of statements backed by arguments, but avoid overloading your essay with shallow judgments. If this is still too complicated for you, maybe its better to buy a literature essay. Lets talk about this!

When Its Time to Buy Literature Review Online

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