Topics For Narrative Essays: Your Key to the “A+”

When you are working on the narrative paper, it's essential to select a successful topic for the future essay. In this article, we will explain to our readers what are good topics for narrative essays, give some tips on choosing an exciting subject for your work, and share several examples of great issues.

Any narrative essay is a story based on a personal experience told by the author. Usually, this type of essay includes two main parts: a story itself and a short analysis of this story. It is possible to create your paper on any event, issue, or concept, but it's important to use a real-life story that will show the idea to readers.

You don't have to include references and research in this work because you use a personal story as evidence. Writing narrative essays requires originality, developed writing skills, and the ability to connect your experience to a chosen topic. You should plan your time and understand the entire process of making this paper.

Tips on How to Choose Interesting Topics For Narrative Essays

As we already said, you don't need to use information from other sources in this essay because you base the entire story on your own experience. Needless to say, your story should be interesting for the audience, so selecting a right topic is significantly important.

You should remember these three signs of a good title for a narrative essay:

  • You cannot search for a lot of essays on the same topic on the Internet.
  • The subject is quite narrow.
  • It motivates the audience to start reading the essay.

Choosing the strong topic is the foundation of your paper. And here is our guide on selecting a great subject for your work:

  1. Use convergent and divergent types of thinking. Divergent thinking helps you to generate a lot of various ideas when convergent thinking helps to spot the brightest ideas.
  2. Avoid overdone and old hat subjects. Here are examples of overdone topics:
    • Eating healthy and exercising
    • Computer technology
    • SMM
    • Essays against/for abortion/death penalty
    • Cigarettes and smoking
    • Legalizing drugs
    • Video games
    • Save the environment
    • Follow your dreams
    • Music is highly commercial
  3. Narrow your topic and focus. Here you should understand if you won't narrow the subject, the entire essay will not be interesting because you will have to put too much information in it. But if you make the topic too narrow, there won't be many things to write about. It's quite important to keep a balance here.
  4. The main secret of selecting an A-grade essay topic is simple: you have to select an issue that has common answers to the next questions:
  • What do I know?
  • What do I love?
  • What matters to the readers?

It means that, for example, if you know something and you love this story, your essay won't be good until this theme is interesting and important for people.

Keep reading our guide and get more topic ideas for narrative essays!

30 Extraordinary Topics For Descriptive Narrative Essays

Here is the list of the most successful and interesting essay topics for narrative essays for your usage to prepare a refined work:

Topics About Relationship

  1. How did you find your best friend?
  2. The beginning of your first relationship
  3. Your worst conflict with parents
  4. Why are your siblings so important to you?
  5. Write about your experience of going to a blind date
  6. Describe the situation when you understood your relatives are very important people to you
  7. Describe a particular moment with your family
  8. Make a story about the most embarrassing situation with your friend
  9. Write about how your best friend has inspired you
  10. Create a story about a tough moment with your siblings

Topics About Dreams

  1. The biggest dream of your life
  2. Create an essay about what you would do if you had $1,000,000
  3. What would you do if time was stopped?
  4. If you could travel in time, where would you go?
  5. Make a work about your ideal day
  6. Describe an event you would want to change in your past
  7. Write a fantasy about your perfect vacation
  8. What would you do if you had your own business?
  9. Create a story about your ideal work
  10. What would you change in history if you could?

Topics About Life Experience

  1. Write about the funniest moment in your life
  2. Write a story about how you got lost in the unknown place
  3. Describe five issues that keep you happy every day
  4. What kind of music does inspire you the most?
  5. Describe five issues that keep you worried every day
  6. A very difficult situation you came through
  7. Write a story about a dangerous experience you had in your life
  8. The biggest surprise in your life
  9. Make a story about your first day at work
  10. How did you select your future profession?

You can use these eminent topics for narrative essays for college students of the elementary, middle, or even high school.

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