Top-60 Original Research Paper Topics for College Students

Have you known that the key to successful submission of a paper is the well-researched topic chosen to your liking? Pick the most outstanding issue, which will hook the reader! The choice of a suitable topic isn't as easy as ABC. You should be ready to spend some time to find the right sphere of research. The selection is awesome! Numerous research paper topics for college students are for you to choose from.

Give preference to actual themes being able to hook the reader. Pick narrow themes you know something about or those you find worthy to spend time on research. Nobody will want to plunge into the research conducted by the writer who felt indifferent to what he did. Do you have topics you feel passionate about? Choose one of them.

Share your knowledge providing standpoint. If creative brainstorming ideas for research writing sounds like a nightmare for you- check what we have prepared! In this article, you’ll find a collection of the killer topics each of which deserves your attention.

TOP 10 Research Topics List for College Students

  1. Pablo Picasso bibliography
  2. Education 50 years ago and now
  3. Can people who haven't finished a college achieve success in life?
  4. Possible reasons for conflicts between parents and kids
  5. Discuss theories of the human evolution
  6. How to minimize time spent on academic assignments?
  7. Conduct research on people with severe health issues who have succeeded in life
  8. The measures to fight against the high unemployment rate
  9. Is bullying a way to prove that you are cool?
  10. What will happen to your body if you sleep for 3-4 hours on a regular basis?

Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Multiple personality disorder diagnosis
  2. How can subconscious block memory if seeing something horrible?
  3. How to treat mental diseases in infants successfully?
  4. Famous writers and musicians who had mental problems
  5. Write about famous killers who had a lot of alter egos

Sociology Research Topics for College Students

  1. Write about human as a part of society
  2. Which social responsibilities does every person have?
  3. Introverts vs extroverts
  4. Write about the importance of sociology as a science
  5. Look for unusual facts from the biography of great sociologists

History Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Describe and analyze the World War I (choose a separate battle)
  2. Research the biography of famous war leaders
  3. Tell about life changes after the World War
  4. The French Revolution. What impact did it have on the lifestyle of ordinary people?
  5. Write about controversial politicians of the XX century

Health Research Topics for College Students

  1. Why is it essential to take vitamins?
  2. How long will you live if sleeping for 4 hours daily?
  3. Is there any difference to become parents at 18 or 30?
  4. Is acne a teenage problem? How to get rid of it?
  5. Which processes take place in the body when a person has a severe depression

Business Research Topics for College Students

  1. The foundation of an enterprise with no money
  2. Which business ideas are the most promising today?
  3. How to make a profit within a year?
  4. How to earn on cryptocurrency?
  5. What is cryptocurrency and what future does it have?

Nutrition Research Topics for College Students

  1. Does your food regimen influence your energy level?
  2. Do you kill yourself slowly keeping to a hungry diet?
  3. Nutrition as a part of a healthy lifestyle
  4. Fast-food and its harm to health
  5. How to lose weight safely?

Social Science Research Topics for College Students

  1. The typical stereotypes existing in society
  2. Do you need the knowledge of social sciences?
  3. Why do students study social sciences?
  4. Which practical value does social science knowledge have?
  5. Social and anti-social attitude towards others

Research Topics for Nursing College Students

  1. How to treat kidney diseases?
  2. Is it important for a woman to see a doctor every year?
  3. Why is it recommended to breastfeed babies?
  4. How to prevent heart diseases in men?
  5. What additives to take in order to live a longer life?

American History Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Write about the famous American politician
  2. Research the American development since the World War
  3. Write about the relationships between Russia and America
  4. Has America always been the most influential country?
  5. The most crucial event in the American history

Sports Research Topics for College Students

  1. What kind of sports suits women most?
  2. Athletes who have achieved impressive results
  3. How does sport influence the brain activity?
  4. What kinds of sports are the most dangerous?
  5. What age should children start going in for sports?

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