10 Medical Ethics Essay Topics and How to Disclose Delicate Questions

It is always challenging to disclose a particular sphere in an essay. The task becomes even more complicated if two themes are united into one. Thus, many students struggle when they are to compose a medical ethics essay. At times, physicians have to be a bit cruel. Mostly, their motives derive from the good. Nonetheless, the society and religion oppose some of those actions. Accordingly, such a task becomes a significant challenge for any student.

What is a Medical Ethics Essay: Understand the Aim

What is a medical ethics essay? It is a specific piece of writing, which covers the moral code in the pharmaceutical industry. The issue of ethics in medicine is especially significant and complex. There are many aspects of medicine, and some of them contradict the moral foundations of other people. For instance, the matters of abortion or the Hippocratic Oath are sought-after. They are widely discussed throughout the globe.

When a student has to write an essay about medical ethics, he/she faces lots of impediments. It’s necessary to learn the thoughts of approved medical experts, societies in various countries and express a personal attitude. One should be very careful and try not to abuse somebody’s feelings and beliefs.

Medical Ethics Topics for an Essay of Any Complexity

The success of any academic writing strongly depends on its theme. You should choose an effective medical ethics essay topic, which covers an important and interesting question. If you have an appropriate topic, it will be easier for you to write it. Besides, it’ll be interesting for your audience to read it. Take a brief look at some interesting medical ethics topics:

  1. How do some physicians lead their patients to suicide?
  2. Why does religion clash against medicine?
  3. What are the main issues with taking care of mentally unstable patients?
  4. The issue of pregnancy: When should a doctor arrest a patient?
  5. The major complications concerning preventative medicine.
  6. The ethical complications for medicine overseas.
  7. The problem of ethics in the medical sphere in a foreign country.
  8. The differences of medical ethics in Africa and Europe.
  9. Is it possible to monitor ethics in the medical industry?
  10. What are the major ethical standards in the United States of America?

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Medical Ethics Essay

“If a person has a strong addiction to alcohol or drugs, he or she requires help. The best method is to turn to professional medics. However, some of them may not take care of your confidentiality. Therefore, it’s necessary to control such important cases. Doctors must obligatorily keep in secret the history of their patients.

The moral aspect of drug or alcohol addiction goes both ways. People who are addicted carry responsibility for their problems. Frequently, they don’t even wish to control their dependence, and they ruin their lives clearly realizing that. On the other hand, some are naturally predisposed to dependency but want to get rid of it.

The professional physicians ought to take into account all variants and always remain independent. No matter what forced a patient to start drinking or taking drugs, they should be valued equally and receive the competent assistance.

Another side of this matter is confidentiality. Unfortunately, some medical workers don’t follow the Hippocratic Oath and spread information about their patients. It is an aspect of medical ethics. Such deeds contradict the Oath and break the law. Consequently, such dishonest people must be punished in accordance with the law.

I’m convinced that when a physician spreads rumors or any tidings about the patients who are addicted, such deed must be penalized. The measures should be the strictest. Such people must be deprived of their licenses. Under such conditions, these events will be prevented, and none would break the law and Oath.”

Essay on Law and Ethics of Medical Practice

“Nowadays, there is a great necessity to reorganize the medical industry in a variety of ways. One of such is the combination of law adjustments and medical practice. There is a strong need for reevaluation of the meaning of “medical practice.” Medical practice must be sufficiently improved and sustained. The law and people in authority should support it.

In the recent years, people give more heed to the meaning of practice after the Aristotelian notion. In other words, the practice should be improved. It’s necessary to undertake crucial measures to make medicine really qualified, dependable and trustworthy. The quality badly suffers. It is a common problem in all countries of the world. Even those with great capabilities in the spheres of medicine, science, and technology face them.

The main reason for such problems is the lack of appropriate feedback. It’s not enough to treat a patient on a given day. It’s needed to treat all people properly every day. However, hospitals and clinics are not able to fulfill this heavy task on their own. They need some support.

Where can they get the needed help? The help should be expected from research institutes and universities, government organs and insurance organizations. It’s important to unite the endeavors and affirm them on the legal level.

The most effective way to improve the quality of medical assistance is a collaboration of different structures and institutions. Medicine is not a private practice. It is the issue of many. The moral code of medical workers makes them do whatever is possible to help their patients. However, they can do really little without the financial support and legitimate measures.”

Abortion Medical Ethics Essay

“The question of morality in medicine is of great importance. It is especially significant when it comes to the issue of abortion. Should it be legal? Do physicians have the right to kill the unborn? Shouldn’t they be put to a sentence and in what occasions? It is needed to define whether abortion must be forbidden.

The killing of unborn children is a great crime. It is a crime against nature and life. Religion also has what to say concerning this aspect. It doesn’t recognize abortion at all. All children must be born. Nonetheless, the question is dubious. We should reconsider it from all angles.

At times, abortion cannot be avoided. It is the so-called “needed evil.” When is this evil needed and somehow possible? Some parents aren’t prepared to bring up children. The others have no finances to do that. Finally, there are those who don’t wish to have children at all. Accordingly, they want to make abortion to get rid of accidental children.

That sounds cruel. However, such cases are numerous. What is there to do for doctors? If they agree on this, they’ll live with these horrible deeds for the rest of their lives. Nonetheless, the law doesn’t forbid it. Consequently, this is an individual choice of every doctor.

It’s really difficult to judge in such cases. On the one hand, taking away lives of the unborn is a great crime. On the other hand, doctors don’t break the law. They follow the will of the parents who cannot raise kids. Possibly, unplanned children might have ruined the lives of many and doctors saved them. Therefore, such actions will always have two viewpoints. Which one is right? That is a personal choice for everyone.”

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