Human Behavior Research Topics and Basic Rules of Academic Writing

It does not matter whether it is psychology, sociology, biology, management, philosophy, anthropology, history, or human resource management that you study — human behavior constitutes an integral part of every single one of these courses. Apart from teaching us to understand each other, studying human behavior also helps us figure out reasons for acting this or that way in some situations or prevent us from facing fatal consequences of a wrong action. It is not the most complicated process, but the student should know some crucial nuances of it.

Communication and human behavior are interconnected which is why you will derive nothing but benefit from studying both subjects. It is essential when it comes to starting a business, building relationships, proving your truth, and many other things. To help students come up with ways of surviving in the highly dynamic modern world, tutors often assign homework tasks related to human behavior.

In some cases, you will be provided with a topic, while in others, the tutor may leave it up to the student to choose the research paper topic, and we can assure you that coming up with one may not be as easy as some students may think.

Rules of Choosing a Good Research Paper Topic

Before providing you with a list of research topics on human behavior, we would like to recall some of the major principles of selecting a good idea.

  • Monitor the social media & television to pick the best option. Keep abreast of the times by choosing widely discussed and argued problems to arouse your audience’s interest. Boring or antiquated issues will not make much of an impression on them, anyway.
  • Make a list of the hottest topics in human behavior based on the current trends. Brainstorm them with your friends to leave out the questions you think are irrelevant or have no clear answers. To achieve that, conduct in-depth research.
  • Exclude ideas you did not manage to find enough sources for. Remember: it is critical to defend every single point/argument to prove the thesis statement. Avoid a subject if you lack sufficient evidence.
  • Once you’ve picked five best ideas, try practicing composing the final title, but keep in mind that it should not be too general or lengthy. The maximum recommended number of characters should be 70 (check the length in your Microsoft Word or any other word processing software). The title should reflect the essence of a problem, so it is better to select a topic that offers many variations of good titles.

Be sure to consult with your tutor before making the final choice, because they may recommend you some better options or provide you with hints on how to collect essential information and properly structure your essay. You can also seek their help with a preferred format if you are not sure which one to pick. Keep in mind that psychology or human behavior essays are mostly written in American Psychological Association (APA) citation format.

How to Structure Your Research Paper?

Regardless of whether you research human behavior or another subject, the structure of the final document should be as follows: a title page, abstract, introduction, methodology, findings, discussion and conclusion, bibliography, and appendices (optional). Doing this type of academic assignment requires more time than writing an essay, so it’s always a good idea to give yourself some leeway. We recommend developing an abstract & thesis statement at the end once you are done with the rest of the paragraphs. Start with methods where you describe the tools & equipment used during the research process. Move smoothly to the results of your experiment, stressing the most important findings and discussing them with the audience.

In conclusion, explain the importance of your study and suggest ways of implementing your study findings in real life situations. Also, make some future forecasts to provide an opportunity for other researchers interested in the same question to pick up from where you left off. The sources listed in the bibliography (references) section will help your audience be more tolerant about the problem under discussion, so make sure you cite each source properly. Now, let’s explore some exciting human behavior research topics!

10 Good Human Behavior Research Paper Topics

If you are free to choose any topic that interests you the most but don't know what research will be appropriate and winning, look through some inspiring human behavior topics below:
  1. The most popular manners of human beings.
  2. Several ways of predicting human actions.
  3. The survival instinct & its explanation.
  4. Core faith based on religion and philosophy.
  5. The impact of biology on human behavior.
  6. The correlation between emotions and mood.
  7. Social norms that shape our behaviors.
  8. The role of genetics in human behavior.
  9. The way social standards vary from culture to culture.
  10. Moral systems derived from personal beliefs.

10 Human Behavior Topics for a Research Paper on Social Problems

  1. Influence of social issues in the workplace on an individual employee team or the entire company.
  2. A series of efficient workplace-grounded programs.
  3. Establish a context for the emergence of social problems by showing the correlation between the issues and socioeconomic trends.
  4. The way gender and depression are related.
  5. Various stages of human development.
  6. Reasons that cause individuals to get depressed & stressed out.
  7. Violence and abuse among young adults.
  8. Influence of sexting on teenagers.
  9. The significance of sex education/gender studies in high school.
  10. Comprehending social communication.

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