Great Tips on How to Write a Timed Essay Successfully

A timed essay is probably the biggest challenge for students. This work must be written in class during only 45 minutes or even less. If you want to know how to write a timed essay effectively without being nervous and stressed, this guide will help you. Everybody knows that a stressed brain cannot work at 100%, so most students don't like this type of essay just because it makes them too nervous.

It is not so easy for students to concentrate on writing when they know clocks are ticking and their time is limited. We know this is a hard type of paper to fulfill, and we have gathered the most effective but simple hints that will help you in writing various timed essays even in a very short period. Go ahead, read our article and create a perfect work to get a high grade!

What Is the Purpose of Timed Essays and Its Peculiarity

Let's think why timed essays are so difficult for students to write. Creating a paper in a limited period definitely makes them feel under pressure, so many students concentrate on their time but not writing. Needless to say, they end up with an awkward paper and get low grades.

The main purpose of timed essays for teachers is to see how students have learned and remembered the material of the certain course as well as check their writing skills. Of course, writing a good work in a limited time requires great skills in writing, the ability to organize time and fast thinking.

For many students, creating this type of essay seems like the worst nightmare in their life. But if you know the main secrets of making this paper, it won't scare you so much. In fact, you just need to remember the algorithm of writing and follow it properly.

How to Do Well on Timed Essays: 6 Stages of Writing

Follow this simple algorithm and timed essays won't be so difficult to write for you!

  1. Pre-writing stage. Here you have to brainstorm your ideas and find a good topic to write about. In some cases, teachers may provide you with a theme for your future paper so that you can skip this stage
  2. Focused pre-writing stage. Try to figure out the main goal of your writing and brainstorm details that will fit the aim of your essay
  3. Selecting details to fit the main purpose of your paper. Look through the list of details you brainstormed on the previous stage and cross out those things you are not going to include in your future work. Group and combine other information to make them more effective together
  4. Planning stage. Make an outline for your writing. It is a short plan that will help you to create a successful essay
  5. Writing stage. Write a draft of your paper in accordance with the outline. Concentrate on your work but not on watching the clock
  6. Revising stage. Proofread your work to correct errors. You won't have a lot of time for this, so try to concentrate on your paper without distractions. We suggest reading your essay at least three times - this will help you find all mistakes

Plan your time beforehand! We recommend spending ⅓ of your time for stages 1-4, ½ of your time creating the essay (stage 5), and ⅙ of your time for correcting mistakes on the revising stage. As you can see, timed writing is not such a difficult task when you know the main principles and stages of writing this essay.

Tips on Creating a Perfect Timed Essay

Discover these effective tips for writing timed essays that will help you to write a marvelous paper!

  • Many students skip learning each lesson, and at the end of the semester, they need to sit with a book for days and nights. Don't wait and review the material after each lesson, and this will help you to remember information easier
  • Try to memorize various important names, dates, and facts. This information can be used as supportive arguments in your timed essay
  • If you are getting nervous about writing under pressure, you should practice in creating essays before the test. Set a timer and work on your essay at home. You can practice writing every day, and it will help to improve your skills significantly
  • Read books, journals, articles, etc. Reading will develop your language skills, and it will also help you in writing an essay

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