How to Write a Claim for an Argumentative Essay: Make It Easy

If you really wish to learn how to write a claim for an argumentative essay, you are in the right place. This article offers you a complete guide on what this type of essay is, what features it may have and how to get A+ for that work. An argumentative essay requires a deep focus on the topic and on the ideas you want to communicate.

Having started your argumentative essay, give yourself some time to invent a good thesis statement and arguments to prove it. The thesis for your argument should be obstinate and should beg to be proven. The postulation will then fall into 3 or 4 distinct claims. You need to assure yourself that your thesis fits the accompanying sorts of cases and proofs.

In some cases, an author’s postulation may cover only 2 or even 1 distinct claims. Keep in mind that the more claims you consolidate in your paper, the more thought-out your article will be. Make certain that you develop an engaging proposal that will give you enough space to compose a full essay on your subject. Below you may find some pieces of advice on writing this paper.

What Is a Claim in an Argumentative Essay?

To start with, let us define what the argumentative essay claim definition is. The claim is a certain argument you give in order to support your central statement. To make a claim means to write strong proof regarding your essay topic and your own opinion.

If you feel unaware of what argumentative essay is overall, we can also help you with that. Here are some of its specifics and tips for you while writing it:

  • A decent article or essay will have an unmistakable and limited focus, so do not make an attempt to go into details you do not really need
  • Discover all the data you can find on your point on the Internet or in books. It sounds self-evident, but if you begin composing on a topic before you truly have some knowledge about it, you will soon be stuck
  • Try to locate the most progressive and up to date info in a paper, as this will expand your chances of saying something unique
  • Compose your proposition in a couple of sentences. The thesis is your primary task displayed in a way that tells the reader your perspective of the theme you are talking about. The statement must be officially provable or must contain the data that you can prove on your own. Let it be straightforward "Adolescents love sports because it helps them look better”
  • Plan your paper. A powerful claim design should appear in concrete forms, in a way the contention advances. Utilize subheadings to help illuminate the distinctive segments
  • Develop the introductive passage. Present your point, so the reader knows precisely what he is perusing about and what assertion you will make. Embed the postulation sentence(s) you formed prior to this first section. Composing short and straightforward sentences is an ideal approach to start to express what is on your mind
  • Compose your way through the paper. Utilize linking words, for example, "along these lines," "subsequently" and "be that as it may" to tell the reader how the different areas of your essay expand. To make a rigid, strong written work, each passage needs to have an unmistakable association with the one that went before it
  • Finish up your article by giving a proper outline. Try not to be hesitative while telling the reader what he or she has recently read. Expressions like "as we have seen" and "as it has appeared" are valuable here, and if you finish up with some extraordinary words and expressions as a part of a presentation, your essay will be clear without being dreary
  • Edit your exposition for syntax inaccuracies and spelling mistakes. Read it through gradually, and in each area, make this question: "Does this prove my point influentially?" If you can get all the way replying "yes" to each section, at that point your argumentative essay is finished

Making a Claim in an Argumentative Essay Perfectly

As for now, let us move to what an effective claim in an argumentative essay is and how to write it:

  • Present the subject and state or clarify the point you have. State both the claim (your personal position) and the counterclaim (the contradicting position you will disapprove, if so)
  • Begin assembling a solid claim by negating the contradicting position. It works very well even as an argument
  • Use one paragraph to express each contradiction, following your data with related confirmation that negates the opposite point
  • Show your claim in the second part of the body of an essay. That is because you need to make a reader prepared for your arguments
  • Utilize one passage to express each of your focuses
  • The finish of this essay’s arrangement is a repetition of your claim and a rundown of the data that backs it. That will be the best conclusion

If you need some further data, you should look up how to start a counter claim paragraph in an argumentative essay on the Internet.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Claim Outline?

If you are unaware of how to compose an outline for a paper, or a sample of an essay structure that will show you how the outline should look like, here we go with our example:

  • The sport plays an extremely important role in combination with healthy eating.“(Thesis)
  • The nutritionists from Stanford University have proved that fats go more rapidly why a person eats healthy and doessports(first claim).
  • It is well-known from biology classes that there are healthy fats and unhealthy ones. The latter makes the process of losing weight slower(second claim).
  • There are no examples of people who were eating fast foods and doing sports who have perfect bodies now(the third claim as disapproving opposite point).
  • Therefore, considering all the official research and no clear evidence for opposite point, we may assume that sports are effective only while eating healthy(an outline).

We hope that writing a claim for an argumentative essay will not seem so hard to you from now on. Consider our useful pieces of advice and live student life happier.