50 Interesting History Research Paper Topics for "A" Success

History research paper writing is a very serious and demanding academic paper, which requires a lot of time and efforts. Your path to A-grade is going to be long. First, you need to choose the best topic among a large number of history research paper topics for college students. When picking the issue, you should be guided by your personal interests. Keep in mind that the reader will immediately feel if a writer isn't interested in the research topic. When picking a topic for your academic paper in History, you should give preference to narrow topics.

If you choose a broad history topic, it will be difficult to cover all points. Brainstorm history research paper ideas on certain battles, famous people who contributed to history, politics, etc. One more point to take into account when choosing a research paper topic is easy access to pertinent information. Evaluate the available materials and stop your choice on the topic, which doesn't require very specific information you may lack or not have access to. Have no topic ideas? Check our collection of the best topics for history research paper ever.

Controversial Topics in History for Research Paper

  1. Conduct research on the controversial battles
  2. Write about the relationships between the Russian Empire and European countries before the World War I
  3. Write about the constitutional monarchy in England
  4. Write about a monarch whose way of ruling was controversial
  5. Write about the development of the Russian Empire
  6. Write about Joseph Stalin
  7. The reasons why the Roman Empire was ruined
  8. The main theories of the appearance of Slavic people
  9. Who built the Great Chinese Wall?
  10. Conduct research on the most controversial political figures of XX century

Ancient History Topics for Research Paper

  1. Write about ancient Egypt
  2. Conduct research on ancient civilizations
  3. The best ruler of XII
  4. The system of Samurai
  5. Methods of ruling in China and Japan
  6. Write about the Iron Age
  7. Write about trading in ancient cities
  8. What were the reasons for wars in Ancient Rome?
  9. Who was the best ruler in Ancient Rus?
  10. Write about the way of living of ancient people

World History Research Paper Topics

  1. Write about the main features of the economic development in France
  2. Conduct research on the relationships between the European countries
  3. Write about the growth of the world economy
  4. Tell about the well-known political leaders
  5. Analyze the evolution of Russian-British relationships
  6. Write about the central economic reform that had a significant impact on XX
  7. Write about the revolution of 1917
  8. Who was the hero of the Soviet Union?
  9. Write about the relationships between Russia and Germany at the end of XIX
  10. How did the political situation in Poland change before the World War?

Music History Research Paper Topics

  1. Write about the most talented musician of XX
  2. Write about Mozart and his musical achievements
  3. Conduct research on the well-known European composer of XVIII
  4. Which musical genres were famous before and after the World War?
  5. Analyze the development of the musical activity after the World War I
  6. Which role did music play in the XX century and which role does it have nowadays?
  7. Write about the Black Music and its origin
  8. Write about the invention of the radio
  9. When did techno musical style become famous?
  10. Compare the famous music styles in Germany and Russia

Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Write about the most outstanding artist of XX
  2. Whose pictures were presented in the best European galleries in XIX?
  3. Conduct research on the development of early art
  4. Write about artists who became famous only after their death
  5. How does old art differ from the today's art?
  6. Write about art in the Eastern countries
  7. Outline the most important directions of art development in the 18th century
  8. Chinese vs Japanese art
  9. 15th-16th centuries and engravings
  10. Conduct research on art in ancient kingdoms

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