50 Good Academic Topics for Research Papers

Very often students lack academic research topics ideas. The main reason is that they either are not aware of the subject they must research or just don’t have much time to find something really worthy. If you are one of them, then it’s high time to proceed to work and select the best topic for your academic paper. First of all, you should know the style of your work. It is essential because you must know how to write your paper and whether you should just inform the reader about something, explain and analyze something or persist in your opinion.

The most popular research paper styles are:

  • Informative
  • Argumentative
  • Educational
  • Persuasive
  • Analytical

If you have already learned everything about the style of your future work, then let’s choose researchable academic topics.

Academic Research Paper Topics: Tips and Tricks

While choosing research topics for academic writing, you should pay attention to its actuality. It should be interesting, catching, and striking. If your topic is uninteresting, then you will lack the interest in writing the paper, and you may lose points because the examiners expect to read and even learn something interesting and maybe even new. If you require a hint, then look at our variants of proper academic topics for research papers on Literature, Finance, History, and about the Bible and Educational Technology.

Academic Research Topics in Literature

  1. Fiction and historical truth in Shakespeare’s plays “Richard III” and “Henry III.”
  2. “The Raven”(Edgar Allan Poe’s poem): the autobiography or just a made-up story
  3. Common and distinguishing features between Ernest Hemingway and Nick Adams
  4. The role of Frederick Douglass in the abolitionist movement.
  5. The image of future in American science fiction.
  6. The image of female characters in pre- and post-feminism literature.
  7. The sociological and political impact of Thomas More’s “Utopia.”
  8. The portrayal of “lost generation” in world literature and world history.
  9. Why was “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling prohibited in many English schools’ curriculum?
  10. The notion of “American Dream” in American literature.

Academic Research Topics in Finance

  1. In what way do interest rates affect the Financial Times Stock Exchange Index?
  2. What’s the influence of globalization on the National Stock Exchange?
  3. The difference between Private and Public firms’ cash policies.
  4. What’s the impact of foreign direct investment on sector of insurance?
  5. Is access to finance affected by national and cultural differences?
  6. What’s the interaction between fiscal and monetary policies?
  7. Innovative services in banking
  8. What factors influence the behavior of individual investor?
  9. Fundamentals and stock returns in the USA.
  10. The difference between cryptocurrencies and Ponzi scheme.

Academic Research Topics in History

  1. Boston “Tea Party”: the beginning of American columns’ struggle for independence
  2. The Civil War in the USA: the struggle of the industrial North against the slave South
  3. The problem of racial segregation in the USA: the 14th/15th Amendments to the Constitution
  4. The role of Abraham Lincoln in the Afro-American struggle for equal rights
  5. Hudson Miracle: US Airways Flight 1549
  6. December 7, 1941: A date that changed the course of American history
  7. Hoover Dam: the most magnificent construction project of the 20th century in the USA
  8. Marshall Plan: the reconstruction of post-war Europe
  9. Watergate scandal: the most sensational political case in the USA
  10. September 11, 2001: the beginning of the global fight against terrorism

Academic Research Topics about the Bible

  1. The Devil: pure evil or the God’s son who showed true human nature?
  2. God’s image before and after the resurrection in the Bible
  3. Common and distinctive features of the Holy Bible and the Koran
  4. The Bible stories from a historical perspective.
  5. Who made up the Canon of Scripture?
  6. Why Jews are considered to be “the chosen people”? Is that really so?
  7. What historical events have the Bible apostles predicted?
  8. How do various Protestant churches interpret the Bible?
  9. The compatibility of evolution theories and the Bible
  10. Old and New Testament: Chronology of Christ’s life

Academic Research Topics on Educational Technology

  1. Generation gap: how educational technologies have changed over the last 10 years and in what way they impact high-school children
  2. Social media in education: pros and cons
  3. Are simulations and games effective in education?
  4. Virtual VS real teachers: pros and cons
  5. How has the level of human knowledge changed due to the use of new technologies in education?
  6. Online VS Traditional IT school
  7. Physicians’ attitude towards the use of tablets, iPads, computers, Smart Boards and other digital devices in education
  8. Is it safe to store school records in a virtual private cloud?
  9. Is it possible that online schooling will soon substitute the traditional one?
  10. What’s the difference between the reading of digital and printed books? What advantages and disadvantages can you name?

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